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Michigan State University

Language for Consulting Contracts

For use with Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Personal Services Contracts, and Purchase Orders that include Web consulting, design, development, and/or Implementation.

MSU Web Accessibility Policy

Michigan State University is committed to providing accessible, usable, and aesthetically pleasing design of its Web pages1.

MSU’s Web Accessibility policy establishes minimum requirements for accessibility of University Web pages. The policy applies to all University Web pages used to conduct core University business and academic activities2. Voluntary adoption of Section I of the Web Accessibility Technical Guidelines is encouraged for all other Web pages not covered by this policy to maximize accessibility for all users.

To be considered acceptable relative to accessibility, MSU Web pages developed under contract with and/or purchased from third parties need to be in compliance with Section I of the Web Accessibility Technical Guidelines. Where funding agencies require Section 508 compliance, MSU requires that any such site also conform to the MSU policy and guidelines. The MSU Web Accessibility policy is posted with related guidelines and information for MSU Web pages on MSU’s Web Accessibility site at

Condition of payment – The contractor agrees that compliance with the provisions of this clause, upon delivery of the Web page (content and/or application) to Michigan State University, is a condition of payment under any awarded contract or purchase order.


1 Reference to “Web pages” covers both Web pages and Web sites, including the design and any Web-delivered content or service.

2 Web pages that conduct core institutional business and academic activities include those Web pages that students, employees, or visitors must access in order to effectively participate in a program, service, or activity offered by the University. Examples of core academic activities include admissions, registration, advising, and academic course work. Examples of core business activities include business services or personnel activities of Human Resources, Controllers Office, Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, Wharton Center, or other university services frequently used by employees or visitors.