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General Questions

Where can I get information on the Web Accessibility Policy?

The central source for information on the Policy is the University’s Web Accessibility Website ( The Website includes the full text of the Web Accessibility Policy and Technical Guidelines, and provides current information on consulting services, techniques and tutorials, and classes and workshops available to assist in implementing the Policy.

The volume and variety of MSU's Websites is enormous, and the task of making them accessible can seem daunting. What is the recommended approach to work toward increasingly complete compliance with the policy?

For websites, prioritise your improvement based on:

  • Which simple and low cost changes maybe be done quickly to improve accessibility?  Are there any changes to site templates and style sheets changes which can address several problems with a broad stroke?
  • Which are the accessibility blockers which impact most users?  Remove the absolute barriers, and improves on sections on your site where it is forcing people to use workarounds.

For courses,

  • Start with your syllabus.  Follow the guidelines for creating accessible documents, and address  your method of handling a VISA request.
  • Strategise from your learning objectives.  The essential content students need to accomplish their objectives should be accessible.   Provide different but equivalent learning content to satisfy those learning objectives, and all students would benefit from this multi-modal resource. 

How do different disabilities and medical conditions affect access to the Web?

Web Accessibility Initiative has collected various stories of web users accessing web pages, which include physical, cognitive and medical conditions.