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Getting Started with MSU Crowd Sourced Closed Captioning

What is MSU Crowd Sourced Closed Captioning?

As the university has transitioned to remote learning and physical distancing, all of us have had to change the way we learn and work together. One growing concern is around students who have not been able to maintain their typical learning experience and employment due to campus closures.

An area where we can assist these students and provide a needed benefit to the university is in the area of media closed captioning (CC). Captioning instructional video is a necessity for some of our students and has shown to be a tool of student success for all students.

Machine captioning exists through our existing platform but is only consistently reliable 70% of the time. Higher quality captioning through third parties is prohibitively expensive, and most departments do not take advantage of this service.

As we make an intentional transition online, hybrid and technology enhanced instruction, we have an opportunity to meet these student success challenges, and we would like your partnership in doing so.

Through your feedback and conversations, we have facilitated a Closed Captioning Crowd Sourcing Program in partnership with Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities, the MSU TowerGuard, and several other colleges and departments to help support student success and provide needed jobs for our students.

Program Success

This past summer we received overwhelming demand for CC through our CrowdSourcing program, and hired 100 students to support faculty and students. 

This program has been extended with changes, and will now run through the Fall 2020 semester to provide more accurate closed captions on instructional media at no cost to colleges and departments. To date, the team has corrected closed captions on over 9,000 individual files, which is over 90,000 minutes of media and counting! We are now prioritizing and focusing this effort on media content used for teaching and learning that is 20 minutes or less, hosted in MSU Kaltura MediaSpace. 

What Do I Need To Do?

  1. Faculty wishing to participate in this program, who have videos 20 minutes or less, should order machine captions for their media in Kaltura MediaSpace (instructions below). 
  2. Media with machine captions, used for teaching and learning, and are 20 minutes or less will automatically be included in the crowdsourcing cue. 
  3. Faculty who do not use captioning and do not want to participate in this program do not need to do anything.
  4. If you have questions, contact

Getting Started Checklist

  1. Login to your MediaSpace account and choose videos that you would like to have captioned/corrected using MSU CrowdSourcing. For this effort, we recommend selecting instructional media content 20 minutes or less that will be reused in future coursework.
  2. Select video(s) in your Kaltura MediaSpace account, and order Machine Captions. Instructions for ordering are available on the Kaltura MediaSpace Help page: Order automatic captioning in their MediaSpace content.
  3. Once the machine captioning is completed, a team of student employees will review and correct the captioning to produce a more accurate caption for the video, prioritizing coure media that is 20 minutes or less.
  4. Alternatively: You can submit a request for Captioning Corrections using the "Order MediaSpace Captions" form and selecting "MSU CrowdSource Captions." This will also notify the MSU CrowdSource Captions group that you would like to have the machine generated closed captions corrected for accuracy.
  5. Once the closed captions have been corrected, they will automatically be updated on your media in MediaSpace.