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Submit Monthly Web Report

In alignment with our Annual Self-Review process and Accessibility Five-Year Plans, the ADA Coordinator and MSU IT recommends submitting monthly self-reports of your auditing progress on priority digital properties within your Major Administrative Unit.

Monthly reporting allows us to progressively assess our institutional progress at a more granular level, and respond with timely and helpful support in a data-supported ways.

Why self-report audit progress?

  • Inclusion: Our “digital front doors” should be open and accessible to all. Inclusion is a core value of our land-grant mission, and an important part of MSU's teaching, research, and outreach missions.
  • Progress: Self-reporting your auditing work demonstrates tangible progress at the MAU level.
  • Visibility: Data gathered from these self-reports will drive executive-level reporting on web accessibility progress at Michigan State University, and encourage decision-making that supports the academic and strategic missions of MAUs.
  • Time-savings: Self-reporting your auditing progress aligns with our Annual Self-Review process, reducing the need for additional data gathering at the end of each annual review cycle.

How-to self-report audit progress

  • Start with the web properties that you self-reported in your first annual self-review.
  • Provide auditing progress in your “College/Department Accessibility” workbook.
  • We recommend that you audit digital properties using our Prioritization Guidance, and our forthcoming MSU Auditing Protocol.
  • We recommend that you make updates on a monthly basis.
  • All progress made by the 1st of each month which will be included in that month’s executive report.

Submitting a Monthly Web Report

In support of Michigan State University's commitment to persons with disabilities, the university uses self-reported data on the accessibility of websites to evaluate the state of digital accessibility progress on campus. Data gathered from these self-reports will drive executive level reporting on web accessibility at Michigan State University. It is recommended that web accessibility policy liaisons make updates on a monthly basis to their reports. All updates made by the 1st of each month which will be included in monthly executive reporting.

For more information on Monthly Web Reports, please see the Web Accessibility – Submitting Monthly Web Reports memo (some of the text from this memo is included above).

Instructions to Submit

  • Each liaison in a Major Administrative Unit (MAU) and unit reporting through the Office of the President that has submitted a year one annual self-review has been given access to a Shared Reporting document. If you do not have access to your Excel sheet and believe that you should, please contact us.
  • Verify your Excel sheet.
    • Ensure all priority websites from your MAU are logged. We recommend that you use the Prioritization Guidance provided on webaccess.
    • If a website that is a part of your department is not on he sheet and is a high priority to your MAU, please add that website to the report.
  • If there is a website on your Excel sheet that your MAU is no longer utilizing, strikethrough (this is an example of strikethrough text) that row but please do not delete the contents of that row.
  • Update the Status, Date Last Evaluated, or Additional Comments section of logged websites.
    • Be sure to indicate the level of remediation progress that you've made on the website. Update existing pages to Remediated if reviewing is done, or Partially Remediated if the reviewing is still in progress.


  • No Progress – This site or page is a priority, but it hasn't not yet been inspected for accessibility yet.
  • In – Progress - Some level of inspection has been started but has not been completed. Some accessibility bugs may have been identified and fixed.
  • Partially Remediated - Inspection is close to being completed, and the majority of the known accessibility bugs have been remediated.
  • Remediated – Known accessibility bugs have been identified and remediated and on-going inspections are being completed. Re-inspections are being done on a regular basis as content, templates and framework are being updated.

The Digital Experience (DigitalX) team reserves the right to audit your webpages/websites. Refer to MSU IT's web accessibility auditing protocol for recommended auditing best practices.