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Year Two Self-Review Memo

To: Michigan State University Web Accessibility Policy Liaisons and Major Administrative Unit Leads
From: Phillip J. Deaton, Digital Accessibility Coordinator
Date: April 20, 2018
Subject: Year Two Accessibility Self-Review

Year Two Accessibility Self-Review

Michigan State University is committed to providing accessible digital materials for persons with disabilities. In keeping with this commitment, the university has requested that each major administrative unit (MAU) and central administrative unit reporting through the Office of the President move forward accessibility initiatives which support students, faculty, staff, and university guests with disabilities.

University policy prohibits discrimination against otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities with respect to the benefits of and access to programs, services, and activities. The Web Accessibility Policy is designed to make MSU more inclusive for persons with disabilities.

In the past, Michigan State University has requested that five year plans be written, and that units undertake effort to increase the accessibility of their programs, services, and activities. Last year, MSU collected its first annual Self-Review from major administrative units. This year, Year Two Accessibility Self-Reviews are due on or before June 30, 2018.

Action Needed: Accessibility Next Steps

1. Review and update your liaisons on webaccess

We recommend that your MAU appoints liaisons in a variety of roles, including communicator, web developer, and academic specialist (if applicable). Liaisons are charged with working with MAU leadership to coordinate digital accessibility initiatives within that MAU, and to provide updates to MAU leadership.

2. Submit your Year Two Accessibility Self-Review

By June 30, 2018 each major administrative unit or central administrative unit is required to submit a Year Two Self-Review, and to update their digital accessibility metrics in MSU Spartan365, which liaisons should have access to.

Digital Accessibility Benchmarks

In effort to track digital accessibility progress, and to create better digital experiences across the institution, the annual Self-Review form is intended for you to update MAU progress in five core digital accessibility benchmark areas:

  • Culture: MSU recognizes the rights of individuals with disabilities, and is committed to providing equal access to the University mission.
  • Training: MSU is committed to making training available on creating and providing accessible digital content and services with reasonable accommodation in mind. These resources are designed to provide employees with tools and new skills to make their content more accessible.
  • Web: MSU seeks to provide accessible digital experiences. Websites are oftentimes the way that individuals gain access to University programs, services, and activities.
  • Courses: MSU seeks to proactively implement universally designed, accessible digital experiences (such as captioned videos), and to understand their obligations related to the Disability and Reasonable Accommodation policy.
  • Procurement: Those at MSU involved in purchasing Electronic Information Technology (EIT) for the university should consider the accessibility of such products or services. Units should understand the impact that EIT purchasing and decision-making has on individuals with disabilities in and outside the university, and should partner with University Services when purchasing digital content when possible.


Please sign and print below to certify understanding of these goals, knowledge of applicable resources, and to indicate awareness of efforts related to digital accessibility. Thank you for your commitment to this process, and to the university's ongoing commitment to supporting persons with disabilities. This form is to be submitted by June 30, 2018.

MAU Lead or Designee

Web Accessibility Policy Liaison

The University evaluates compliance with the web accessibility policy through annual self-reviews and at-will auditing. The web accessibility policy is coordinated by the Digital Accessibility Coordinator in conjunction with the ADA Coordinator or designee and MSU's Office of the General Counsel. The University's Digital Accessibility Coordinator is:

Phillip Deaton
Digital Accessibility Coordinator
450 Auditorium Rd Room 120, Computer Center

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