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Year Three Self-Review Memo

To: Michigan State University Web Accessibility Policy Liaisons and Major Administrative Unit Leads
From: Aislinn Sapp, ADA Coordinator, Office for Civil Rights at MSU; Nate Evans, Manager, Digital Content and Accessibility, MSU IT
Date: May 3, 2019
Subject: Year Three Accessibility Self-Review

Year Three Accessibility Self-Review

Michigan State University remains committed to providing accessible experiences for persons with disabilities. As part of this commitment, the University requests that each Major Administrative Unit (MAU) and each Central Administrative Unit (CAU) reporting through the Office of the President submit an annual self-review of their digital accessibility program. The purpose of these self-reviews is to measure improvements in the accessibility of digital programs, services, and activities within the MAU or CAU. The self-review process also serves as the primary auditing mechanism used by the University to assess progress toward a unit's Five-Year Plan, and to ensure compliance with the University'sWeb Accessibility Policy.

Last year, units were asked to complete their second annual self-review. This year, units are asked to complete their third annual self-review. Year Three Accessibility Self-Reviews are due on or before June 30, 2019.

Action Needed

The process for submitting annual self-reviews is unchanged from last year. By June 30, 2019, please review/update the Web Accessibility Policy Liaisons that represent your MAU/CAU and submit your unit's Year Three Digital Accessibility Self-Review. Based on feedback provided by the Liaisons, we have provided additional information on webaccess to provide clarity about how annual self-reviews are evaluated. The updated resource on webaccess includes:

  • Definitions for each of the five digital accessibility benchmarks areas: culture, training, web, courses, and procurement.
  • Targets for what meets, exceeds, and is below expectations.

To update your Liaison representatives, please email us at For instructions and guidance on submitting your annual self-review, visit webaccess:

Aislinn Sapp
ADA Coordinator
Office for Civil Rights and Title IX

Nate Evans
Manager, Digital Content & Accessibility, and Digital Accessibility Coordinator
MSU Information Technology

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