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Five Year Plans

All Major Administrative Units (MAUs) at Michigan State University are required to submit a five year plan to MSU Information Technology, the Office of General Counsel and the ADA Coordinator. Five year plans are designed to show the process and progress of EIT accessibility in MAUs across campus and are to be vetted, evaluated, and approved by MSU's EIT (Electronic Information Technology) Accessibility Review Committee. 

Failure to demonstrate actionable progress and MAU-wide process and awareness in these plans will result in a plan not being approved and in the MAU having to rework the plan to show coordination with Michigan State University's mission to provide accessible digital experiences to all students, faculty, and staff.

Example Plans

The College of Arts and Letters (CAL), College of Education (COE), and College of Natural Sciences (CNS) have agreed to share their plans to help MAUs design plans that follow MSU's policies.

Annual Self-Reviews

In addition to submitting and maintaining a Five Year Plan, MAUs are required to submit Annual Self-Reviews.

How to submit your plan

Five Year compliance plans were due March 31, 2016. Additional consultation and support for the five year plans is provided by MSU Information Technology. Contact for questions, or to setup a consultation.


  1. Download the Five Year Compliance Plan template.
  2. Review the template and add additional MAU specific details to your plan. 
  3. Once your plan has been approved by your MAU, follow the steps below to submit your plan to File Depot for review.

Submitting you plan to File Depot:

  1. Click here to login to File Depot with your MSU NetID and password.
  2. Click on the Drop Off button.
  3. Click next.
  4. Below the word To:, click on the green Plus button.
  5. In the dialog box enter the following information.
    • Name: [Your Department Name] Accessibility 5 year Plan.
    • Email:
  6. Click Add Recipient button.
  7. Click on the x in the upper right corner of the dialogue box to close the window.
  8. Type in a note if needed (this is optional).
  9. Click on Choose File button for File 1:.
  10. Browse your computer to find your 5 year plan document.
  11. Click Open.
  12. Click "Drop off Files" button.
  13. On the dialog window that pops up, click on Leave Page to close the dialog window.
  14. A summary of you submitted information will be displayed.

Plans will be reviewed by MSU's EIT Accessibility Review Committee (ARC) in the order that they were received.

You will receive a notification once your plan has been approved, or if there are any questions related to your plan.