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Web Accessibility Annual Self-Reviews (April 12, 2017)

TO: Web Accessibility Policy Liaisons
FROM: Rob McCurdy, Chief Information Officer & Jessica Norris, Title IX and ADA Coordinator
DATE: April 12, 2017
SUBJECT: Web Accessibility Annual Self-Reviews

In support of MSU’s commitment to digital accessibility and progressing the work of colleges/units under their web accessibility five-year plans, each college/unit is required to submit an annual self-review by June 30, 2017. The self-reviews will allow MSU to chart and assess our institutional progress and identify recommendations to support and advance our efforts. 

Each Major Administrative Unit will report progress during the first year of their Five-Year Plans. The annual self-review will not only report progress to goals, but also provides an opportunity to note any changes in resource commitments, priorities, or approach over the course of the year. Units may also submit revisions to the five-year plan if plans have changed significantly over the course of the year. Finally, the annual self-review provides an opportunity to better understand the needs of units across the university and better support units in their work to remove barriers to accessing digital content. 

We thank you for your commitment to this important project over the past year and look forward to partnering with you in the coming year as we continue to enhance digital accessibility at MSU.

Rob McCurdy, Chief Information Officer
Jessica Norris, Title IX and ADA Coordinator

Click here for a PDF version of this memo