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Michigan State University

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Web Accessibility

Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can read, navigate, and contribute on the web.

This website,, provides a central place for web accessibility guidelines, tutorials, forms, and services available to the MSU community.

Accessible Course Materials

As materials used in courses are increasingly accessed digitally and online, this site also provides tutorials for creating accessible course materials. Please be aware of the Updated Guidance on Accessibility Considerations: The Use of e-Texts, 12 March 2013 (PDF).

Some of the tutorials include creating accessible course pages in ANGEL, PDF documents, and PowerPoint presentations.

Training and Support

Various classes and workshops are available for additional web accessibility training.

Separate consulting services are also available to the MSU community.

Requirements for MSU Websites

Michigan State University is committed to providing accessible, usable, and aesthetically pleasing design of its web page.

The MSU Web Accessibility Policy establishes minimum requirements for accessibility of University web pages and applies to all web pages used to conduct core University business and academic activities.

Voluntary adoption of Section I of the Web Accessibility Technical Guidelines is encouraged for all other web pages not covered by this policy to maximize accessibility for all users.