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Get Accessibility Training

Digital accessibility training is a great way to gain an understanding of why accessibility is important, improve the accessibility of MSU content, and become familiar with MSU's Digital Accessibility Policy. The Office for Civil Rights can facilitate access to accessibility training for MSU employees. Deque University offers online, self-paced training. Deque's comprehensive web and digital accessibility curriculum covers the full range of topics, with classes designed for a variety of professionals.

Course Access

Course access requests will usually be processed within 1 to 2 days, and you will be notified when registration is complete. You will receive an email from Deque University with instructions on setting up your account.

Request Training

When submitting a training request, it is not necessary to submit multiple requests per course. If the requestor is interested in a particular learning path or paths listed on this page, please note that in the course name or description field.

Cost and Participation

As a part of its renewed commitment to digital access and inclusion, the Office for Civil Rights is underwriting the cost of Deque University training, which is now available at no-cost. Once you register for a course you will have at least six months to complete the training.

Provide Accessibility Services Feedback or Ask a Question

Available Courses and Recommended Training Paths

Please visit the Deque class listing page for an up-to-date list of training classes.

The following lists provide recommendations for Deque self-directed training options. Click on the course names to view the details and description on the Deque University website. Use the training request form to ask to be enrolled in a specific learning path.

For Communicators and Content Creators

  1. Accessibility Fundamentals: Disabilities, Guidelines, and Laws
  2. Designing an Accessible User Experience
  3. Basic Web and Document Accessibility for Content Contributors
  4. Fast Track to Accessibility for Microsoft Office
  5. Email Accessibility in Outlook
  6. Fast Track to Accessibility for PDF Creators
  7. Web Accessibility Testing: Basic Methods and Tools
  8. Visual Design and Colors (with WCAG 2.2 updates)
  9. Images, SVG, and Canvas
  10. Multimedia, Animations, and Motion

For Web Developers and Technologists

  1. Accessibility Fundamentals: Disabilities, Guidelines, and Laws
  2. Designing an Accessible User Experience
  3. Web Accessibility Testing: Basic Methods and Tools
  4. Web Accessibility Testing: Screen Readers
  5. Semantic Structure and Navigation (with WCAG 2.2 updates)
  6. Visual Design and Colors (with WCAG 2.2 updates)
  7. Form Labels, Instructions, and Validation (with WCAG 2.2 updates)
  8. Responsive Design and Zoom
  9. Multimedia, Animations, and Motion
  10. Mobile App Accessibility Fundamentals

Topic-based Learning Paths

Audio, Video, or Other Multimedia

Microsoft Office Documents

Adobe PDFs and InDesign Documents

Email Newsletters

Social Media Content

Web Page Content and Images

Website or Web Application Development

Custom Training Options

Request a consultation with MSU IT about providing customized accessibility training for groups within your college or your department on specific topics, or discuss why accessibility is important at MSU.