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Getting Started

Faculty and Staff

Web Developers and IT Staff

  • All websites and online content must be WCAG 2.0 AA conformant.
  • Looking for supporting technical materials? They're listed in the official WCAG Overview.
  • Want an instructor-led training session? Take one of the new Classes & Workshops on campus.
  • Need to find the right software and tools to conduct your own accessibility evaluations? There's a great list on the Evaluation and Validation page.
  • Need an expert to conduct an accessibility evaluation or provide some consulting? They're listed on the Contacts page.
  • Not sure how to evaluate using WCAG 2.0? Try starting with this simplified protocol.
  • Ready to tackle dynamic content accessibility? Start with the WAI-ARIA Overview.
  • Technical questions? Ask your peers in the MSU WebDev CAFE!

Additionally, MSU is partnered with the Teach Access organization which has published the Teach Access Tutorial, a set of hands-on coding exercises and reference materials for accessibility best practices. This tutorial provides basic training for developers and designers interested in building inclusive experiences. If you are new to accessibility, this tutorial is designed to help you get started. Check out the Teach Access Tutorial. Please note that MSU does not maintain this resource.