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Updates to the Technology Purchasing Process

TO: Deans, Directors, and Chairs
FROM: Kim Konenakes, Rob McCurdy, and Brendan Guenther
DATE: May 13, 2016
SUBJECT: Updates to the Technology Purchasing Process at MSU

MSU Information Technology, MSU Purchasing, and the Office of the General Counsel have partnered on a streamlined workflow to help make informed decisions ensuring technology purchased by the university are secure and accessible.

Technology Purchasing Process

MSU Purchasing is facilitating technology accessibility and security reviews on behalf of MSU IT in order to minimize security and data risks and maintain accessibility compliance as part of the purchasing process for both new products and renewals.

Purchasing will submit applicable products and services to the security and/or accessibility review committees within MSU IT. The respective committees will perform a review and may follow up with university purchasers as needed for additional information or partnership in the purchase's implementation. Purchasing will forward all final reviews and recommendations to university purchasers.

Purpose of the Reviews

The accessibility review identifies use cases and risk factors to making technology products and web content accessible and usable for all in the MSU community.

The security review identifies business, technical, security, compliance, legal, and other control factors in doing business with outside service providers and vendors. This initial screening also determines the level of risk inherent to the processing of institutional data beyond the university's physical controls. These two integrated reviews also help technology purchases adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy for MSU Information Technology Resources, MSU Institutional Data Policy, and MSU Web Accessibility Policy. (See more at

Since these reviews add time to the procurement process, it is important to involve Purchasing early in product selection and renewals. This will allow adequate time to conduct the reviews and implement any recommendations necessary to complete the purchase and maintain any project timelines. Turnaround time is dependent on the responsiveness of the supplier.

For purchasing questions or concerns, please contact University Procurement and Logistics. For specific accessibility or security questions, contact or

Kim Kokenakes, Director, University Services
Rob McCurdy, Assistant Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer
Brendan Guenther, Director for Academic Technology, MSU IT