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Web Accessibility Policy Liaisons

Web Accessibility Policy Liaisons are the primary accessibility representatives for each college and administrative unit. They are familiar with accessibility resources and policy compliance plans.  To be added or removed as a liaison, email the MSU IT Service Desk , or call (517) 432-6200.

The WEBACCESS listserv is the primary method used to provide communications to the Web Accessibility Policy Liaisons group about news, updates, and upcoming Web Accessibility Policy events. To sign up, go to the WEBACCESS list, and use your MSU NetID to login. 

*Denotes the Lead Liaison for the MAU or Unit when there is more than one liaison.

Italicized units are reporting separately from the MAU.

Liaison E-Mail Designated College or Department
Academic Advancement Network
Erica Venton Academic Advancement Network
Lisa Randolph-Stukey Office of the EVP for Administration
Arts & Humanities, Residential College in
Asc Provost & ASC VP Academic Human Resources
   see Provost and Academic Affairs
Asc Provost for University Outreach & Engagement
Sarah Swierenga University Outreach and Engagement
Asc Provost for Academic Services
*Matt Basgall Admissions
Cody Bernard Admissions
Derek Anderson Office of Financial Aid
Kristin Schuette Registrar
Asc Provost for Undergraduate Education
see Provost and Academic Affairs
*Jeff Barnes Athletic Communications
Jim Donatelli Athletic Marketing
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
*Heidi Macwan College of Agriculture & Natural Resources; School of Planning, Design and Construction
Taylor Logan Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics
Tracy Rich Animal Science
Luke Reese Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering
Lindsay Mensch Center for Regional Food Systems
Andrea Weiss Center for Regional Food Systems
Lindsay Mensch Community Sustainability
Heather Lenartson-Kluge Entomology
Jo Latimore Fisheries and Wildlife
Linda Summers Food Science and Human Nutrition
Lauren Noel Forestry
Norm Lownds Horticulture
Cara Barnes Kellogg Biological Station
Daniel Gorentz Kellogg Biological Station
Lee Duynslager Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences
Cimberly Weir School of Packaging
Cameron Rudolph AgBioResearch
Gwyn Shelle MSU Extension
Beth Bonsall Office of Academic and Student Affairs
College of Arts and Letters
*Kate Sonka Arts and Letters
Scott Schopieray Arts and Letters
Ben Tobey Arts and Letters
College of Communication Arts and Sciences
*Janice Bukovac-Phelps Advertising + Public Relations
Allison Sink College of Communication Arts and Sciences
Leigh Anne Jewison College of Communication Arts and Sciences
Eric Hunter Communicative Sciences and Disorders
College of Education
*Charlie Ruggiero Education
Justin Rappaport Education
College of Engineering
Santhosh Abraham Engineering
College of Human Medicine
*Geri Kelley College of Human Medicine
Amy Nienhouse College of Human Medicine
College of Music
Michael Sundermann Music
College of Natural Science
*Jesse Earley NatSci
Cori Fata-Hartley NatSci
Ellen Rzepka Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics
Cara Barnes Kellogg Biological Station
Casey L. Henley Neuroscience
Katie Oeschger Integrative Biology
Rick Hensh Math
Dirk Colbry CMSE
Stephen Thomas NatSci and CISGS
Stuart Tessmer Physics
Tom Harpstead Biological Sciences
Scott Mulrooney Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
Chris Shaltry Physiology
Danny Schnell Plant Biology
Kathy Foley Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Camille Fairbourn Statistics
LynnMarie Posey Chemistry
Julie Libarkin Earth and Environmental Sciences
College of Nursing
*Andy Greger Nursing
Adrienne Thelen Nursing
College of Osteopathic Medicine
*Michael Stokes College of Osteopathic Medicine
Gail Riegle Academic Programs
John McDaniel Academic Programs
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Report through Natural Science
Pai Liu External Programs
Amy Keenum
William Cunningham Institute of International Health
Michael F. Miller Institute of International Health
Learning and Assessment Center
Microbiology and Molecular Genetics reports through veterinary Medicine
David Sheppard MSU IT Services College Service Delivery Manager
Doozie Snyder Neurology and Ophthalmology
Mary Hughes Osteopathic Medical Specialties
Jennifer Leedy Osteopathic Medical Specialties
Michele Benton Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
Shannon Grochulski-Fries Osteopathic Surgical Specialties
Rebecca Reagan Pediatrics
Steve Stofflet Pharmacology and Toxicology
Rani Gebara Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Physiology reports through Human Medicine
Barb Flannery Psychiatry reports through Human Medicine
Luke Sandel

Statewide Campus System
Erin Doelling Student Services
Robin Marsh Student Services
Thomas (Tony) Simonton Department of Radiology
College of Social Science
Dean Rehberger Social Science
College of Veterinary Medicine
*Jason Noffsinger Veterinary Medicine
Kevin Henley IT Services
Eli Broad College of Business
*Sarah Wellman Eli Broad College of Business
Jeff Seguin Eli Broad College of Business
Jeremy Van Hof Eli Broad College of Business
Jim Willson Eli Broad College of Business
Facility for Rare Isotope Beams
Clint Jones Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB)
Karen King Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB)
*Rajeev Krishnan University Services
Swarup Nuggehalli University Services
General Counsel
Amy Meyer General Counsel
Graduate School Dean
*Chad Randall Graduate School
Erica Venton Graduate School
Honors College
Honors College
Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology
Teal Amthor-Shaffer Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology
Erica Venton Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology
Human resources Asst Vice President
Jerry Fust Human Resources
Information Technology Services
*Jeff Daniels IT Services
Todd Ring IT Services - O365
Drew Beach IT Services - D2L
Catherine Zhang IT Services - MediaSpace, Zoom, and Qualtrics
Tim Woods IT Services - Print
Infrastructure Planning and Facilities
Michelle Lavra Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF)
International studies and Programs
Danielle Fowler International Studies and Programs
James Madison College
Peter Murray James Madison
Kelly Sattler Libraries
*Heidi Schroeder Libraries
Lyman Briggs College
Blythe White Lyman Briggs
Michigan State University Extension
Gwyn Shelle MSU Extension
MSU AgBioResearch
Cameron Rudolph AgBioResearch
MSU Health Team
Melissa Jegla MSU Health Team
Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives
Erica Venton Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives
Provost and Academic Affairs
Sarah Blanc Office of the Provost
Kara Yermak Academic Human Resources
Erica Venton Asc Provost for Undergraduate Education
Scott Harding Office of Planning and Budgets
Erica Venton WorkLife Office
John Girdwood WorkLife Office
Residential & Hospitality Services
Mike Dawisha RHS - Information Services
Annette Burge RHS
University Advancement
Randy Brown Advancement
Vice President for Governmental Affairs
Penny Davis Governmental Affairs
Vice President for Student Affairs & Services
Morris Arvoy Student Affairs and Services
Vice President Research and Graduate Studies
Melanie Kauffman Research and Graduate Studies
Jodi Heliste Office Sponsored Programs
VP Communications and Brand Strategy
Ryan Wells Communications and Brand Strategy

*Acts as Web Accessibility Policy Liaison lead.