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Liaison Responsibilities

Serve as your MAU's accessibility point of contact to the University

Serve as the primary accessibility contact within your MAU

  • Develop a regular communication strategy for faculty and staff regarding the digital accessibility policy, requirements, training, and resources
  • Answer accessibility questions from faculty and staff
  • Assist faculty and staff with locating and using accessibility compliance resources
  • Assist faculty and staff in dealing with immediate accessibility questions and issues including escalating to other university accessibility resources as appropriate
  • Send out the university's Accessibility Awareness survey to faculty and staff each year

Encourage digital accessibility compliance within your MAU

  • Consider creating a digital accessibility committee
  • Encourage faculty and staff to take any internal or external training classes necessary for them to understand how to comply with the MSU Accessibility Policy. This particularly applies to anyone creating digital course content, website content, websites and applications, and anyone doing work in design or multimedia production.
  • Consider including digital accessibility training in the faculty and staff onboarding process
  • Ensure digital accessibility is considered in the procurement of any purchased websites, applications, or other software platforms. This includes ensuring that any vendor contracts contain language on digital accessibility requirements.
  • Ensure your MSU Unit’s websites, web applications, social media, and other content platforms comply with the MSU Accessibility Policy. This can be done directly or by delegating to staff in these areas. Be sure to include both technical staff and digital content creators.
  • Ensure your MSU Unit’s digital courses comply with the MSU Accessibility Policy. This can be done directly or by delegating to faculty and staff in these areas. Encourage the use of the Spartan Ally tool in D2L.