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Annual Self-Review

In support of Michigan State University's commitment to digital accessibility, each Major Administrative Unit (MAU) is required to submit an Annual Self-Review. The Annual Self-Review allows MSU to assess our progress in the accessibility of programs, services, and activities. It also provides MAUs with an opportunity to report changes in resource commitments, priorities, or approach over the course of the year.

Self-Review Process

The Self-Review process typically begins with a survey to unit leadership that provides the name of their current Digital Accessibility Liaison and asks them to confirm it's still correct. Then, a Qualtrics survey is sent to all primary Digital Accessibility Liaisons. The surveys are discussed in one or more Digital Accessibility Liaison meetings and reminders are sent out until a majority of units have responded. Unresponsive units are given special attention by the MSU Digital Accessibility Team, as this may indicate a break in communication or a misunderstanding regarding a unit's compliance obligations.

Self-Review Responses

The Digital Accessibility Team attempts to provide a response to every Self-Review submitted. Internally, responses are checked against a rubric which provides guidance on which questions are purely informational and which are attached to recommendations. If a unit's responses indicate they may be unaware of the recommended way of handling a particular aspect of digital accessibility compliance, recommendations are sent to them along with an offer of additional discussions, resources or support as appropriate.