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Annual Self-Review

In support of MSU’s commitment to digital accessibility and progressing the work of colleges/units under their web accessibility Five-Year Plans, each Major Administrative Unit (MAU) is required to submit an Annual Self-Review.

Annual Self-Reviews allow MSU to assess our institutional progress and offer an opportunity for MAUs to report changes in resource commitments, priorities, or approach over the course of the year. If your plans or priorities have changed significantly, you should indicate them in your Annual Self-Review. 

Consultation and support for the Five-Year Plans and Annual Self-Reviews is provided by MSU Information Technology. Contact for questions, or to setup a consultation.

How to submit your Year Two Accessibility Self-Review

  1. Download a copy of the Year Two Accessibility Self-Review questions to review them in advance. 
  2. Open the Self-Review form, and complete it by June 30, 2018:

New for 2018: MAU Recommitment

In addition to submitting your annual self-review, we would like each MAU to review the Year 2 Accessibility Self-Review memo and identify MSU Lead or Designee that is co-participating with their liaison in the Annual Self-Review.

Please read and sign the commitment memo, indicate any changes to your web accessibility policy liaisons, and email a copy to once you have completed your Year Two Accessibility Self-Review.