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Course Accessibility Badge and Course Accessibility Review

In the past, the MSU IT Digital Experience (DigitalX) team used a faculty and video work plan for documenting accessibility. We are now shifting towards using a different approach in order to better process, manage, and compile the data from the course accessibility project. As a part of this shift, we are also adding a course accessibility badge that can be awarded by the Digital Experience team.

The goal of the Course Accessibility Badge/Course Accessibility Review (CAB/CAR) strategy is to provide a helpful process for remediating content, courses, and curriculum in a way that aligns with MSU’s digital accessibility annual self-reviews, and five-year plans.

Faculty/instructors and students can benefit from this process in:

  1. High enrollment courses.
  2. General Education (“Gen Ed”) courses or introductory courses.
  3. Courses which are prerequisites for entering a program or major.
  4. Courses which are required for a program or major.
  5. Elective courses.
  6. Courses or content which are only presented once.

Links to templates

Course Accessibility Review (CAR) template: To be used during course remediation, course consults, etc.

Course Accessibility Badge (CAB) letter template: Use to indicate completion of the Digital Experience team accessibility remediation process.

Why is this valuable?

  1. Our partners have indicated that this data-driven approach best meets their needs.
  2. Our students accessibility interns have indicated that this process allows them to stay more organized when working on courses and when looking back at past courses.
  3. The Digital Experience Team is hoping to better track and represent the great progress that is being made to university executive stakeholders. This data-driven approach allows us to track more detailed information about course accessibility improvements at MSU.
  4. Our partners have indicated that they want to see a certification for accessibility improvements to courses.

Where to find out more information?

To learn more about the CAR/CAB process, please complete this consultation form. The form will be processed within 1 - 2 days and you will receive a response from the Digital Experience team.