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Zoom Live Transcript


Zoom Live Transcript is an accessibility feature available under all MSU Zoom accounts that allows hosts to enable live machine generated captions and transcripts during Zoom Meetings and Webinars. Zoom uses the caption engine to generate live transcripts and captions.

When activated during your meeting or webinar Zoom Live Transcript gives attendees the option to view live captions in the form of automatically generated subtitles and a full running transcript of the session.


  • Provides live transcripts and captioning during Zoom Meetings and Webinars.
  • When used with Zoom Cloud Recording, copies of your meeting/webinar transcript and caption files are automatically uploaded to Kaltura MediaSpace and associated with your recordings.
  • Caption/Transcript files uploaded to Kaltura MediaSpace can be corrected using the caption editor.


  • Machine generated captions are typically not 100% accurate.
  • To view captions and transcripts the live transcript function must be activated by the host for each meeting or webinar. There is currently no option to enable this feature by default.

Enabling Live Transcripts

During your Meeting or Webinar

  1. Start your Meeting or Webinar.
  2. Click the Live Transcript button on your Zoom menu bar and choose Enable Auto-Transcription to activate live transcription and subtitles.
    Portion of Zoom toolbar with Live Transcript button and Enable Live Transcript menu item highlighted
    Note: If you do not have the Live Transcript button please see instructions below for activating Captions and Live Transcript under your account settings.
  3. Once transcription has been enabled you can view additional options by clicking the Live Transcript up-arrow
    Live Transcript button with menu options: hide subtitle, view full transcript, and subtitle settings
    • Hide Subtitle: allows users to turn subtitles on and off
    • View Full Transcript: opens a separate pane displaying live transcripts with speaker names and timestamps.
    • Subtitle Settings: allows users to adjust the size of subtitles on their screen.

Activating Captions and Live Transcript for your Account

If you do not see the Live Transcript button on your Zoom menu when hosting a Meeting or Webinar please follow these steps to activate the feature under your account:

  1. Open the MSU Zoom website (opens in new window).
  2. Log in using your MSU credentials.
  3. Click Settings in the left menu.
  4. Click In Meeting (Advanced) and scroll down to Automated captions
  5. Make sure the Automated captions and Full transcript options are active/enabled (slider should be to the right and colored blue)