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Uploading a Video to Kaltura MediaSpace

Kaltura Mediaspace is the prefered method for hosting captioned media content at MSU.  Every faculty member is automatically given a Kaltura MediaSpace account based on their MSU NetID and can access it by going to the link below:

Begin by uploading your video content to Kaltura MediaSpace. This is the same video file that you have previously uploaded to CaptionSync. Once you are logged into Kaltura MediaSpace using your MSU NetID, click Add New, then the Media Upload button on the drop-down.

Screenshot of Add New dropdown menu with Media Upload selected in the Kaltura MediaSpace header

Next, click Choose a file to upload, and select the video file that you would like to upload.

Screenshot of the Upload Media section.

Note: There is an upload limit of 2GB per file.  The dialog above provides recommendations for the best file size and format.

Next, title and describe your video. Your title should be relevant and easy to understand so that it easy to find later. Providing a description is also a good idea, especially if you have multiple videos concerning the same topic. Tagging your video is important for searching by keyword/topic. Click Save when you are done

Screenshot of the Upload Media section with a video 51 percent uploaded. Name and Created By text boxes are filled out appropriately.

Now that your video is uploaded, attach the caption you exported from Camtasia. You will notice a list of thumbnails that represent your uploaded video archive. The video you just uploaded should appear below the list.